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We are a stationery maker that plans and develops original products in Japan. We are also a design company that works with clients on product development and others.

Original Brand by HI MOJIMOJI
Original Brand by HI MOJIMOJI
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Kneepon from Nippon

Our mission is to spread ideas from Japan by tapping on your knee.

- The Japanese name for Japan is Nippon (pronounced Knee-pon).Also, the sound 'pon' can represent a tapping sound in the Japanese language.

Moreover, when Japanese people are surpised or impresed by something, they say it taps them on the knee.Therefore, we devised the name knee-pon to represent our jaw-dropping creations emanating from Japan.

Products by HI MOJIMOJI
Products by HI MOJIMOJI
Product Design

Stationery / Miscellaneous goods / Novelty goods

Graphic Design

Package / Catalog / Pamphlet / Flyer / Poster / VI / Logo / Website / Character


Concept making / Planning / Naming / CI / BI / Public relations / Advertising

Our Team
Atsushi Matsuoka


Atsushi Matsuoka was born in Shiga.
After graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University department of sociology, He worked as a freelance writer.
He founded Cine Gimmick that held a movie screening in 2004 and became the founder of HI MOJIMOJI corporation in 2010.
Lecturer at Ochanomizu Art Voccational School since 2014.

Ayako Matsuda


Ayako Matsuda was born in Shizuoka.
She worked at several companies as a graphic designer and joined HI MOJIMOJI corporation in 2011.
Lecturer at Ochanomizu Art Voccational School since 2014.

Company Information

HIMOJIMOJI Corporation
3-13-11 Inokashira Mitaka City,Tokyo 1810001 JAPAN
founded April 28,2010
founder Atsushi Matsuoka

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